Hidden Places and Spaces Beach Edition

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Anyone who is from Maui or has been here for any amount of time will tell you that the beaches are a fantastic part that help make the island so great. From your typical sandy beaches at resorts to hidden coves of black sanded beaches, you can find almost every type on this tiny island. During my time here I have seen various aspects of these beaches. I have made it my goal to attempt to spend any and all of my time off soaking in the sun and experiencing the beautiful beach culture. Throughout the island there are some hidden gems that I believe to be some of the best spots on Maui.

The first being Paia Beach. Anyone who has talked to me at all during my trip knows that Paia is one of my favorite places on the island. I am just drawn to the positive people. The beach is conveniently located on the outskirts of the touristy town. This beach to me is definitely one of a kind. As you walk along the sandy path surrounding you are pieces of driftwood, tents, and various hammocks. These are only the start of the fantastic images that litter your view. It is like its own beach community in the wooded area. The people who reside on the beach are always looking after one another. As you make it to the actual oceanside depending on the time of year and the size of the waves the beach could be flooded with a variety of people: from the die hard surfers and body boarders to the admiring tourists yearning to learn the trick of the trade. When the swells are more mellow the beach is more empty just housing the sunbathers who want to soak up all of the rays. As this beach is so close to the town center you are able to enjoy all the offerings Paia has besides just the beautiful beach. From fantastic shopping to AMAZING restaurants this is a must stop for anyone on a Hawaiian adventure.

The next hidden treasure is Little Beach. Locals and tourists alike will tell you that on a Sunday afternoon in Maui Little Beach is the place to be. Located just beyond resort central in Wailea, Little Beach provides a vastly different experience than the Mai Tai sipping atmosphere you find at the resort beaches. (not that there is anything wrong with that) Arriving on the beach you might not fully realize what you have in store. Walking across Big Beach you might think that you have come to your typical Hawaiian beach. Beautiful waves surrounded by amazing lava cliffs… these are something you see at most beaches. However, just beyond those cliffs is the adventure you’re truly looking for. After a small climb up the hill (I would recommend you stay as sober as possible for this part) you look below to a beautiful hidden cove surrounded by cliffs and trees. This hidden beach seems to be unlike any other beach I have ever been to. As soon as you start climbing you hear the sounds of a drum circle. This is my favorite part of the whole experience. This beach is hippie central for sure. Young and old.. clothed or nude, you will see a wide variety of characters on this tiny beach. The energy here is so high and everyone you come across exudes positivity. Drinks are flowing, drums are beating, and all of the people are either dancing or in the water or both! It is an incredible sight. Though it only remains “open” until sunset the people who leave late have the opportunity to see fire spinners! I had never seen anything like it! I was very apprehensive about going there for the first time. It was something completely out of my normal comfort zone, but it has quickly become one of my favorite areas. Hidden away from most, only like minded people find their way to this phenomenal spot.

Maui is a melting pot of beach experiences. There are so many different types you can explore during your time here. You are able to meet the best people and find the best fish tacos at any of them. I urge you, if you are ever on the island to try the two above beaches on for size… and continue to explore the rest that Maui has to offer!


Until next time!


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