Biking Maui

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I have never considered myself a biker by any means. I never really excelled getting around on two wheels due to the fact that I easily get distracted and would fall over. I mean one time in Barcelona I almost fell into oncoming traffic while on a bike tour… not one of my most shining moments. However, after this past summer summer I started to log in some serious miles with my dad. Starting off only doing five or six miles on a trail turned into me completing a 50 mile ride on the Ohio Erie Canal and occasionally accidentally riding 20 miles to downtown Akron from my house. Oops! To say the least I got hooked. I never thought I would say it, but I loved how easy it seemed. Biking is so casual and fun plus it was great to spend all those hours bonding with my dad and treating ourselves to ice cream after particularly long rides. So when I came to Maui I immediately knew I wanted to get a bike to use as my mode of transportation. It was the easiest thing to get and it also happened to be wicked cheap. I hopped on Craigslist and found the perfect bike for me within two weeks. My beautiful blue Marin, which I have named Alice, has done her purpose for me on this island. She has gotten me from point A to point B no problem. Though I only use the bike to get to and from work (everything else is just too far and too high up the mountain to justify) I wouldn’t want to get around the island any other way.

While riding the six miles down the mountain from Kula to Makawao I get to see the most beautiful views. The sun is still rising over Haleakala and the ocean is all kinds of beautiful blues. It is the only way I want to start my mornings! The ride back up, however, is slightly different. Riding the simple six miles up is not an easy feat. The slight incline doesn’t seem like much going down, but coming back up it feels like my legs are on fire. I constantly tell my legs to “shut up and do what I tell you,” like the famous Tour de France rider Jens Voigt. Each mile seems to take forever. However, as each week goes by I can feel myself getting stronger. Pushing myself to the limit of what I can do. I constantly complain about having to do the ride but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Seeing the unbelievable views on my two wheels is something I have grown to be very appreciative of. Though at times I wish I had the convenience of a car; would be able to get everywhere quicker and wouldn’t have to be concerned about getting caught in the rain, I wouldn’t trade my bike for anything. It is like a morning meditation for me. I am completely alone with my thoughts in the beautiful outdoors. It is the best way to see the world.

If you ever move to a place for a short amount of time I highly recommend you get a bike. It will make your world leaps and bounds better. It is a definite workout but remains to be rewarding.

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