Weekdays are for Adventuring

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My last week on Maui I have decided to do a little “‘treat yoself” week. After working between the farm and the coffee shop every day for the last three months it is nice to take a week to actually explore the island that I got to call home for the last month. Every day was something new and hanging out with friends that I know I will not see for a very long time.

On Tuesday a girl I work with and I went adventuring around the west side of Maui. It is very similar to the Road to Hana but a little less touristy. You still get to enjoy some windy one lane roads and beautiful views. We started the journey with a little hike on the Waihee Trail. This is an amazing place that reminds me so much of home. It was an absolutely gorgeous trail surrounded by so many trees. Kara and I believed that it was a magical faery land. The half hour hike was the perfect way to start the day. Note: the hike is actually around 3 miles so if you are not on a time restraint I would definitely recommend doing the full hike!

Once the hike was over we moved on to a more magical land. When I originally did this drive a few months ago I found a look out that I assumed was just that. However, on this trip we decided to hike beyond the fence, and it did not disappoint. We were able to hike all the way down to the end of this cliff that overlooks the Pacific. In that moment I felt so tiny. I realized that we were on an island and there was nothing for miles and yet there was so much that lied ahead. It was a beautiful feeling that I did not want to end. As we continued our drive the obvious next stop was at Julia’s Best Banana Bread. Though I have been there before I had to stop for another loaf to take home. It is nice to take a little bit of Maui home with me. It is without a doubt the best bread I have had besides my grandmother’s! Though it is a kind of scary road and you have to drive it pretty slow so you don’t fly off the cliff, the bread is definitely worth it.

The rest of the day was spent with fantastic conversations cruising on the beach. These are the moments that I live for here on Maui. Though I know I am moving to a place that doesn’t have the heat and as much sunshine as Maui I am glad that I was able to enjoy this magical land even for a little bit.

If you ever find yourself in Maui you should definitely try to drive the back way to Lahaina. You will be able to see these magical sights and feel for even a brief moment you feel pretty infinite.

I cannot believe my time here is almost done, but I am happy that I have been able to spend even a little bit of time here.



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