Christ Church Cathedral

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When I decided to come to Dublin I made it a personal goal to do one city tourist activity a week. Though I was not accountable to anyone but myself I have decided to commit to this goal even if it meant I had to skip a day of job hunting. For my second Dublin tourist day I decided to forgo a 1916 revolution style trip to visit a beautiful ancient church. Christ Church Cathedral is considered one of the first Viking churches in Ireland which dates back to 1030 AD. From amazing architecture to erie crypts the church did not disappoint. There seemed to be something around every corner.

Christ Church Cathedral is located at the end of a very long road. When walking to it from the Spire it kind of appears up from nowhere. You are walking passed various pubs, cafes, and bookshops and  suddenly there is a massive church in your eyesight. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. The outside alone had amazing architecture that seemed to be a mix of old school Gothic and classic Victorian. As I entered the building my senses were in overdrive. There were bits of history at every corner. There was beautiful stain glass windows and corners with candles. It had such an incredible energy that everyone in Dublin should experience.

My favorite portion of the entire church was the crypt beneath the main part of the church. They had an incredibly erie vibe with good reason. Along with the tombs of the various deans of the church; there were statues of British kings clearly destroyed by Irish people, jewels, and finally my favorite part: a mummified cat and a mummified rat found in the organ pipes. They were able to date these creatures back to the 1800s. People can enter a historical place like this and just view it as an old building. Just a place where you can look at a pamphlet and read about ancient histories. It is difficult to date things. However, looking at these creatures really put a date to the building. It was such a neat touch to add to the already amazing spot.

I cannot wait to see where next week’s tourist day takes me. This city has loads of history at every corner. Whether it is something like a big cathedral or something small like street art; there is a little something for everyone and I can’t wait to discover it all.

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