Take Nature as a Friend

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Even though I am living in one of the most vibrant cities in Ireland I am so thankful that I am still able to enjoy the beauty of nature Ireland is famous for. The beauty of this country is that even though you are in the middle of a city all it takes is a 30 minute train ride to be surrounded by mountains and the sea. In my most recent tourist day I decided to get out of the city and treat myself to a day in nature. I knew on this tourist day I wanted to go back to the coast and do another mountain walk. Through further research I discovered the Bray to Greystones cliff walk. This simple 6 kilometer walk took you along one of the most beautiful coasts (in my opinion) on the east coast of the country. I had very little expectations on the day, but when the day was over I was truly stoked on life.

As I was riding the DART towards Greystones the ocean came into my line of vision. Though it was through the window of the train I was so stoked to get out in the fresh air as soon as possible. Greystones was the final stop on the train and as soon as I stepped into the town I knew it was going to be a magical day. It took me a minute to find the start of the trail head so I decided to treat myself to some ice cream from a local shop along the way.

After walking around the town for about 10 minutes I finally found the start of the trail. This well maintained walk started right by the ocean which was perfect for my ocean day! The start of the walk consisted of the most beautiful scenery. From luscious valleys to the beautiful view of the ocean from above my heart was so incredibly happy. With a fantastic playlist, mountains to my left, and the ocean to my right nothing could bring me down. I think my favorite part of the entire coastal walk were the little yellow flowers that smell like coconuts! The trail played home to a wide array of people. From older couples getting their daily dose of sunshine to young millennials who actually decided to put down technology for the day and enjoy the sunshine. The rare day full of sunshine made for the perfect hiking day.

Slowly but surely my hike was coming to an end. Greystones was three miles behind me and Bray was right ahead of me. The little seaside town was getting closer with each step I took. Eventually I was off the trail and found myself in the magical little town of Bray. This was such a friendly little town that I was so stoked to explore. I walked along the ocean, enjoyed a nice pint by the beach, and looked over the absolutely gorgeous mountain. I couldn’t help but enjoy an ice cold pint while overlooking the ocean.

In my years I have grown to realize that the best types of hikes are the ones you do on your own. It is amazing to explore nature completely on your own. To not have to share your sights with anyone. As I walked along the coast for the 5 kilometers I felt the sun on my skin. I smelled the salt of the sea and could hear the waves crash on the base of the mountains. Needless to say I was one happy gal. All in all if you are visiting Ireland you should definitely check out this cliff walk. Anyone can do it! It doesn’t take any formal skill level and it is absolutely stunning. Both towns are very pleasant and a must visit. Though I love living in such a vibrant city it is amazing to see bits of nature now and again!

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