One Year on the Nomad!

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Happy 1 year anniversary to the Adventure of a Nomad! For one year I have been documenting my travels and my life in the attempt to navigate adulthood after college. For 365 days I have been writing about all of my various adventures for whoever will read it. This year of writing has taught me loads about what it takes to run a successful website. It does NOT happen overnight. It takes hard work and perseverance. It takes making your own deadlines to meet. It takes getting out of your comfort zone in order to get amazing stories. It is important to not get stuck in a routine of life and to constantly look for stories and adventures. Though I take a slightly different route when traveling (I prefer to move to a place for an extended period of time, work there, and truly let myself live like the locals) I will forever enjoy doing tourist days. I enjoy exploring the place that I am living in like both a tourist and a local. The Adventures of a Nomad has taught me to look at the world through a different set of eyes. I now view everything as an opportunity to tell a story.

Though this year has been tough trying to post as much as I can and not to get discouraged when I didn’t get thousands of followers after a few months I have come to realize this website isn’t about gaining followers or being paid to travel all over, however that would be nice. This website has allowed me to grow in my writing, let my friends and family know what I am up to whilst galavanting away from home, and document all the things I have seen and want to see. I cannot wait to see where the nomad will take me over the next 365 days. Who knows if I will be living in the states or abroad. Who know if I will have finally settled down with a “real” job and just travel on the weekends. Who knows if I am will still be doing odd jobs that make people question whether or not I will ever use my degree (don’t worry dad I am!) At the moment I don’t know where I am going or what I am going to be doing within the next few months I know for sure it won’t be boring.

A big thank you to my parents, family, and friends who encourage me to be courageous enough to start this blog and to keep it up. Thank you to the people who read it randomly if it pops up on their feed. Thank you to my followers, though I don’t have them by the thousand yet they really encourage me to do my best to post as much as I can and tell as many stories of the road as possible. Within the next year I can’t wait to set new goals for myself and this website. Here’s to many more years of traveling, adventure, and more stories. Thank you all for keeping me motivated and encouraged to take the plunge of this website!
So much love to you all.

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