Mad about Malahide

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Ever fall in love with a place immediately upon stepping foot on its soil? I feel like I do with each new place I visit. I would definitely classify myself as the type of person who falls in love with new places so incredibly easy. I adore seeing new towns, different beaches, and treating myself to the amazing experiences these new places have to offer. So when I discovered I had three whole days off in a row I knew I needed to do some exploring since I only have a few months left in this beautiful country. After doing doing what I do best, (google) I realized that I needed to check out Malahide, a gorgeous coastal town about a 30 minute train ride from the city. According to the lovely internet Malahide had an amazing castle that was a must see and a beach that on weekdays is incredibly secluded and to die for.

After a casual run I set off for my day in Malahide. I was so stoked to explore this new town. I often find myself going back to the same places over and over again so I was excited to see a new area of Dublin. After arriving to the little town I opted to start the day in the castle. For starters the grounds on Ireland’s oldest castle were immaculate. I was in sensory overload the entire time. The tour of the castle featured some amazing rooms. A majority of this beautiful estate was decorated as it had been in the 18th century, I think my favorite room was the one decorated as it was in medieval times. The entire room was floor to ceiling wooden panels that you could tell had an incredibly rich history. From bridal chests that still contained the carving of the names of the happy couple and the year they were married (1666) to the wall that was once a door to which no one knows what is on the other side, everything about this one room screamed history. We then meandered around the rest of the castle seeing rooms that ranged from the drawing room to bedrooms. Within each room you could really feel the strong presence of the family that once resided here. I think the coolest bit was up in the bedrooms, in the nursery it had all of the childhood toys, from an intricate dollhouse to various stuffed animals it was cool to see that there was once a time kids were satisfied with toys of that nature as opposed to the primarily electronic world of entertainment we live in today.

Upon leaving the castle I decided to visit one of the many gardens the grounds had to offer. The last two tenants of the Talbot castle truly had the greenest thumbs and designed some beautiful botanic gardens. I was in heaven, honestly, if it would have been allowed I would have pitched a tent then and there and moved into the greenhouse! The walled in garden had plants from all over the world. I truly had no idea where to look. Up, down, left, and right… there was something amazing everywhere (my personal favorite were the fuzzy palm trees from China.)  As I continued to walk around I found a small little entryway that led to a tiny enclosure. The garden had its very own secret garden! My inner 7 year old self was dancing for joy. The secret garden was one of my favorite films so I was pretty pumped to be standing in a real one!

After spending probably a little too much time in the gardens I left the beautiful castle grounds and made my way to the beach. Walking on the windy coast I could smell the salt and the air and I was immediately at home. Sitting on the sand looking out into the wide blue ocean is in my opinion the best way to spark creativity. The 20 minutes I sat there before the rain allowed me to reflect on life up until that point. It gave me the peace I had been missing in my life for the last few weeks. So, shout out to you Malahide. You provide some pretty neat vibes and beautiful sites for all those who visit. It is a definite must when in the Dublin area.

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