2016 Reflection

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Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. As the holidays are finally winding down I find myself reflecting on the amazing year I have had. This time of year is always a time to look back and see if I am truly happy with the way the year went. 2016 has proven to be one for the ages. It has been one out of a storybook and has been absolutely mind blowing. For any of you who read this blog regularly, you know I moved to my dream country in January for the year. It was one of the best opportunities I have ever taken advantage of. I was able to work in an unbelievable city, explore the countryside, and continued with my decision to travel a bit post graduation. I pushed myself to my limits this year. I did things that made me uncomfortable, but allowed me to grow as a person. I ticked some awesome things off of my bucket list. I ran a marathon and I got lost hiking in the Burren. I worked on a farm in a tiny village where I couldn’t understand a soul and I explored the ancient streets of Germany. Though I didn’t see as many of the Euro cities that I wanted to, as I returned to the states I had the feeling in my heart that I would be back.

This holiday season has been a busy one. It was spent with family and friends. We had our family traditions to keep up with as well as made new memories. It was a week that I am truly thankful for. It was a time when we were all together in the same room for the first time in almost a year. It is something that you take for granted as a kid and now as you get older it is something you grow to truly appreciate. It is a time I always look forward to every year.

Now that I am sitting in my parent’s house in a tiny town in Ohio post holidays I look back on the year with joy. Though I put down roots in Ireland, I did all I wanted to accomplish while living abroad. I explored to my heart’s desire and my thirst for travel and adventure only expanded. I have also learned the importance of being near family. I have realized in this year the importance of doing what makes you passionate no matter what anyone says. I look forward to 2017 with an open mind, bright eyes, and an excited heart. I don’t know where I’m going, but I know it won’t be boring. At times I panic about being a failure and question my decision take off months between jobs, but I know in time I will find something that will make me happy and find my niche in the world. For that I am stoked. This year has reconfirmed what I already knew…. I would be miserable doing anything just for money. I have to be passionate about whatever job I am doing. If 2016 taught me anything it is to fully appreciate the lifestyle I have chosen. 2017, I’m going to try like hell to continue to explore the magic of the world. I hope that you all embrace what you truly love and live out 2017 with joy and excitement. I know I cannot wait for this next year to come.

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