If I Don’t Leave Now I’ll Never Get Away

How do you know you are following your right path? How do you know if you are doing what you are meant the do? For the last almost two years I have opted for a different path. Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m all about the experience, not the stability. This may not be the wisest way to live, but it is the only way I know how to live. These two years have taken me to Hawaii and Europe. I have learned more about myself than in my four full years of college. I have figured out what I truly loved and discovered that I no longer need to pretend to conform to normality in order to find success. I have realized that true success is found through happiness and doing what you love and fuck the rest.

As I sit in the bedroom that I grew up in awaiting my next adventure which starts in two weeks I’m eager for my next step. It is an experience that I can add to my repertoire of odd jobs that continue to excite me. I am lucky enough to have the love and support of my parents to encourage me to chase my dreams rather than settle. I am a firm believer that life is meant to be spent in experiences not just making money to pay the bills. As I ready myself to move to North Carolina I have no clue what my life has in store for the months ahead or the months following. I don’t know where I’ll be going. My mind is always racing with inspiration from things I read in magazines or books and photos I come across on social media. I want to visit all of the National Parks found across my country. I want to sell a majority of my belongings and live a simple life in a van down by the river that would make Matt Foley proud. There are days when I feel guilty about doing what I do. I am not able to cruise with my close friends as often as I would like. I miss out on loads of memories with family and friends. I sometimes wish I could stay in one central place for a longish period of time. However, when I am filled with this type of doubt and FOMO I realize how resentful I would be if I chose to stay. I would constantly be asking myself, “what if… what if… what if…”

I’m now at year two of travel. If you would’ve told me when I graduated high school I would not be working at a high fashion magazine in a big city I would have laughed in your face. If you would tell me that instead of living comfortably I would be choosing to live in huts and tents, I would have told you you lost your damn mind. Now here I am choosing that life. I find myself more envious of the people who are constantly going with no stop in sight. I may have to set up shop for a few months, but I’m blessed enough to know it is not forever. I don’t have to stay longer than I want. The world is at my fingertips and I feel so blessed to be living this life. My advice for anyone who is scared to make the leap just do it. Just go. You will always be able to settle down if you realize it is too much or something you aren’t passionate about. The real world is always something you can fall back on if need be. Keep chasing your wildest dreams even if they seem silly. Keep going until you are too tired to move anymore…. And then go a little longer. We are given this one life on this earth as we are now use it wisely. Cherish every moment and only do what makes you happy.

3 thoughts on “If I Don’t Leave Now I’ll Never Get Away

  1. I am so excited for you. I look forward to hearing about your experiences… interesting people, new places new jobs… Wish you the best….Barb


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