Nature is Neat

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The two words conservation and sustainability are words that at times can open a rabbit hole of conversation. The definitions are ones that have been in our vocabulary for quite some time. I mean hell, John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt were conservationists before it was cool. We are able to look back on their legacy and feel inspired. I can honestly say I never considered myself a conservationist or even considered sustainability as something I should think consciously about. I always assumed that in order to have a concrete opinion on conservation and sustainability you needed to study it… you needed to be able to make educated statements on the subject in order for it to be real and live that kind of life. I am now realizing it is the exact opposite, that it is all a learning experience. No one is an expert when they first begin to have interest in this subject. The most important piece is realizing the need to just be aware and doing everything you personally can to make a difference. As I sit here and write this I am fully aware that I am by no means an expert. I am still learning. I always will be learning. I am so thankful that it finally clicked and I figured out I need to be more careful how I am treating this one beautiful planet on which I am blessed to live. It is so easy to take for granted an entity that has always been there for you. For the last 24 rotations around this earth I have had blue skies above me and green grass beneath me. It has been a constant. I am now realizing that our environment is the only non man made thing on this planet. Nature allows us a glimpse into what earth looked like and would look like if humankind didn’t mess with it. Those results are beautiful and extraordinary. Views and vista’s that seem silly to attempt to put into words. A sight that one would assume we’d need to protect at all cost. As I consider how much nature has come to mean to me, I know that it is my responsibility to care for in every way I possible can.
Conservation: a word that I rarely gave any consideration; a word that I never thought would apply to me;  a word that now means so much. Conservation is a concept that remains in the back of my mind at all times. It is something I am incredibly stoked on. Something I know I need to continue to work on. Sustainability is one in the same. It is a term that I never dreamed would be so important. Sustainability and the development of technologies to improve our quality of life while lowering our impact on our planet is of utmost importance to us all.
So how do I end this? Why do I find these two words so incredibly important? Why do I find these two simple words to be vital to get by each day? We are blessed to share this earth with beautiful trees, flowing rivers, and vast oceans. We are existing in a place that reaches far beyond our history. We have the privilege to share this land. We are the ones who have the ability to protect it as well as destroy it. It is a duty we must not take lightly. Plus, nature is neat why wouldn’t we want to protect it?

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