Content but not Complacent


For the last two months I have been living in a wonderful mountain town in West Virginia. The first couple of weeks I was seeing everything through rose tinted glasses. Everything was magic. Each weekend was spent discovering new hikes, finding waterfalls, and boogying to my heart’s desire. I had a group of pals that made every weekend seem like a mystical adventure.

Then like every other place I’ve lived I hit the two month mark and got into a slump. I felt trapped and antsy much like I do anytime I’m somewhere for an extended period of time. The panic of being in a tiny town on top of a mountain for a year made me freak the FUCK out. How am I supposed to live the “nomad” life while chained to a year long lease? It seems quite impossible. I then realized, hell, I have one year to explore as much of this area of West Virginia as possible. I have a year to hike, camp, rock climb, ski, dance, and adventure. I have a year to cruise with the people I’ve met and tell the stories of this gorgeous mountain town. There are days I’m nervous that I’m not fully living the nomad life I set out on two years ago, but getting to experience some place for an extended period of time is just as groovy as getting a new address every two months. So cheers to the many more adventures to be had over the next 10 months. I can’t wait!

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