The Magic of White Grass

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I am forever up for trying new things. I think it is the best way to fully experience wherever you are living at the time. As someone who is not graceful whatsoever and someone who hates the snow more than anything I was mighty nervous when I figured out I was going to cross county ski for the first time. If you know Tucker County at all you know White Grass to be one of the grooviest cross county ski places in the state. I was amped to take a stab at the sport so many people love here.

As I clipped into the skis for the first time I assumed it would be a piece of cake. I am fairly athletic for all intents and purposes, so how would this be any different? Well folks, I was dead wrong. It took me ages to get used to the feeling of having skis attached to my feet as I casually walked. Don’t even get me started on the downhill. Those gradual hills looked more like a black diamond course to me. As much as I tried to pizza slice my skis to slow down I still fell quite gracelessly. I’m pretty sure I resembled a Loony Tune sketch with each fall. After around thirty minutes, however, I finally started picking it up. It was amazing to be able to completely slide across the snow as if you were weightless. Being able to go miles around the mountains with nothing but two pieces of wood strapped to your feet was pretty unbelievable.

The thing that makes White Grass so special is the camaraderie found in the community. It is a place that when you come up to the random shelters throughout the trails you’ll find prayer flags, granola, and moonshine. It is truly one of the most magical places and truly a hidden gem in our tiny mountain town.

Though at times winter can be trying: with the freezing temperatures and the unwillingness to go outside trying something new is good for the soul. It allows you to break out of your comfort zone. Cross country skiing, something I never thought I would try in a million years, but now I have figured out it is something that I can truly enjoy whilst in the freezing cold! Though circumstances may bring you to a place that is not ideal in your mind, you might as well make the most of it.

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