Unexpected Wonders

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Living near so many parks and hiking trails you can slowly and unintentionally begin to take these sights and places for granted. At one point, even I stopped being impressed by waterfalls (who am I ?!) One day recently when West Virginia was blessing us with a rare spring day in February I decided to get out to a local park that I don’t give enough credit and go on a walk on a trail I had yet to explore. I wasn’t expecting much, but I knew I needed to enjoy the fleeting sunshine. I am so stoked that I was proven wrong. Elakala Trail was like entering a dream world. I attempted to take it all in and suddenly I was standing in front of the dreamiest waterfall. Now, I have seen many waterfalls and my day, and the understated ones are my favorite. The ones that are incredibly unassuming that pop out of nowhere. Thats what a majority of this trail contained- unassuming wonders. I am thankful for this trail and the beauty my West Virginia home provides even if at times it feels too small. Never be too jaded to explore your own backyard, you never know the magic you may experience.

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