Running Coopers Rock

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I have found happiness in discovering new places to run. Whether it be an easy flat route through a new city or a wooded trail that leaves me completely lost in my world, running is the one thing that I’m able to do no matter where I am in this world. The last seven months I have been absentmindedly running the same trail. It is a simple rail grade that is flat and goes for miles. At times there are opportunities to explore other connecting trails, but after a few months it has become like all things, a routine, not something I am always super stoked on. I run them out of obligation in order to maintain my sanity. After a renewed lease on life and the realization of the importance of taking care of your mind, body, and spirit, I began to take my running practice seriously again. I began to see how stress free I was on the days I ran. However, I was still bored with my daily trail. Cue in Cooper’s Rock. I have been hearing about this state forest since I moved to West Virginia, but have never made the effort to the park.

I decided to make the commitment to testing out these trails after we got the first hints of spring and in the grand scheme of things, it was the best decision I have made in quite a long time. I set off on my journey unsure what to expect and only thought I would do few miles. 6.5 miles and a re-injured knee later my soul was full. The trail was so full of life. The 6 mile trail out and back was your standard moderately easy trail that eventually spit you out onto this overlook that has you peering out at nothing but mountains and the Cheat River. As someone who had never visited this trail before the views were out of this world. It allowed me to finally fall back into my running practice which truly began to falter. I cannot wait to try out more of these trails over the next 5 months. Here’s to many more miles, many more good vibes, and the opportunity to run away all of my worries. If you are ever in the Morgantown area be sure to check out Cooper’s Rock!

3 thoughts on “Running Coopers Rock

  1. So glad to hear you’re exploring the area! I never got to go to Cooper’s Rock. It sounds like so much fun. I hope you’re loving your service! I miss it up there and look forward to coming back to visit.


  2. I’m so glad to hear you’re exploring. This post has helped me reminisce! I never got to go to Cooper’s Rock. Have you been on the Otter Creek trail though? There are so many trails! I feel like if I lived my whole life in Tucker County, I still wouldn’t have time to see everything. There’s even a cave near by in the Fernow Forest (Bod White Cave) that’s super cool.

    Anyway, I hope you’re loving your service. You’re doing so much good, and I love reading the NHT newsletters.

    -Katie Teems


    1. OOO Thanks for the tip I actually haven’t been to Otter Creek yet, but its on my list! It may be a bit easier to get to than driving all the way to Morgantown for a run! Hope all is well with you and your job!


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