25 Revolutions

24 has been a year that provided some magical times and some times that tested me in ways I hadn’t expected. It was a year that brought me to Asheville, back to my parent’s house in Ohio, and finally to West Virginia where I’m currently living. It is the year when I finally learned to water ski, the year I put my yoga practice on the forefront, and the year that I had my first experience with non profit work. 24 has granted me the opportunity to move to a place I had never anticipated. I had the opportunity to move to a small town in West Virginia; a little piece of heaven in a highly unexpected place. A place that allows me to hike, run, and explore to my heart’s content.

Though there have been all of these positive changes, 24 has also been a year full of trials. It is the first year where I have felt incredibly lost. It is the first year since college that I had no idea what I was doing or if I was following the right path. I have spent this year struggling with what I should do in life and where I should go next. After a few months of being “unhappy” with where I was in life I have decided to welcome this stage with open arms. It is a time where I can explore all avenues of life. I am able to take on any challenges in life with a clear mind. As terrifying as it may be, I’m able to write my own story. I am able to create whatever life I want. It was refreshing to finally let loose and breathe.

24 has been weird to say the least. I haven’t been my usual positive self. Instead I have talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk. I constantly told people to live their best lives, but deep down I didn’t know how to continue to exude positive energy in my own life. As I enter my 25th trip around the sun I am eager and excited to take this year head on. This will be a year that allows me to explore a completely different way of life. It is a year that I am going to challenge myself to explore more. A year that I won’t settle for things that don’t nourish my soul. I am eager to see what 25 has in store for me. Here’s to a year of playing in nature, going on road trips, and living a life with my heart wide open.

For anyone who is stressing about not living as their most authentic self or is trying to find their place in this world, have patience. You are bound to have a few months in your life full of self doubt, but remain focused on the future and your goals, and you will find your right path.

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