Running West Virginia

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There are few things in life that fuel my soul like a run. Running is something I rediscovered around five years ago. It is a forever on and off again relationship that at times seems impossible to keep consistent. When I’m training for a race, I have a specific schedule. I have a daily set of miles in order to achieve my goals. If I’m not training for something specific each daily run is still incredibly important. I sometimes forget that in all actuality I’m training for the bigger picture. I am training for my mental sanity. Training in order to keep my body healthy. In recent months I have rediscovered my passion after a slew of injuries and excuses. I have rediscovered a true passion for the causal run. The runs that are there even if I’m not training for anything specific. Waking up at 6am every day to go on even a short run has set my soul on fire.

In recent months I have discovered beauty of the West Virginia mountains and trails. Spending a few miles a day getting lost in nature has provided a solace. For a while after running my marathon I had forgotten what it was like to run for me and nothing else. I am thankful for these West Virginian mountain trails. Running in West Virginia provides a variety of running options. I am able to run up massive hills- ones that take me almost 15 minutes to run 1 mile due to the sheer incline. I’m able to run rail trails- simple and flat miles that lead to magical destinations. I am able to run trails through magnificent parks that are equal parts challenging and calming. During this year I have been fighting West Virginia. I have toiled with the fact that this place may not have felt completely like home, but the runs I have gone on have made this place home. It has given me a peace of mind and truly grateful for this wild and wonderful state.  These trails make my body stronger. They make my soul happy. Here’s to many more runs and for those who follow me on any form of social media- enjoy all of my sweaty running photos.

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