Weekends are for Adventuring

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Having the opportunity to live in such a recreation heavy area every nice weekend you are able to explore and adventure to your heart’s content. You also have the unspoken duty to hype up the groovy place you call home to your friends and family. Recently my little brother came to visit Thomas for the weekend and off the bat I knew it would be a weekend of non stop adventuring and exploration. It was an opportunity to galavant around Tucker County, going on long hikes, chasing waterfalls, and having our first outdoor climbing experience.  I was able to show off some of my favorite spaces in my West Virginia Home and for that I’m forever grateful.

We started off with one of my favorite hikes, though only a mile long it is completely uphill. It was early in the morning and we were only greeted by one other hiker. Upon summiting to the top the views were once again out of this world. Though you don’t go too high up in elevation, you can’t help but feeling on top of the world. We then headed to a more casual hike called Lindy Point. This is truly just a super easy walk that leads to an overwhelming view of the valley in Blackwater. I’ve done this walk plenty of times, but each time I’m just as stoked as the time before. It never fails to provide the perfect snapshot of the nature Tucker County has to offer. After a few more lowkey hikes that truly showed off my beautiful home we decided it was time to hit the rocks. Both of us are fairly beginner climbers with zero experience climbing outside. Though we did the easiest routes available to us, it was incredible to finally challenge myself in a way that I never thought would be possible.

I have grown to appreciate all of the beauty found here in Tucker County. The recreation opportunities awarded to those who seek it is overwhelming. I can’t help but be grateful to show off my beloved home for anyone who visits for the next few months. Here’s to all of the nature adventures waiting for you. All ya got to do is step out and grab them.

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