Exploring Unexpected Magic

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Fourth of July always seems to be the holiday where sunshine and fruit salad is a must. It is a time where everyone feels hella patriotic even if it is for only one day of the year. This year my friends and I load up our car and drove deep into a holler called Bemis where we lost cell reception and had to follow a rail road for over a mile to find the most magical little swimming hole. As we strolled along the rail road it seemed reminiscent of the scene “Stand by Me” where the boys meandered for hours in the hopes of finding adventure. After a while we finally came across the swimming hole that so many people told us about. Surrounded by a lush forest there was a river flowing aimlessly across the rocks. People were laying out like little lizards soaking up every bit of the sun that the mountains are finally blessing us with. We were able to float down the lazy river, jump off rocks, and explore what I’m positive is a fairy garden. We even heard a family bark happy birthday to their dog which was truly the purest thing I have ever witnessed. For the whole day we existed purely in the moment. So engrossed in nature that I never wanted to leave.

So often on the fourth I’m running around with family, setting off fireworks, and trying to filter the best photo. This year I blocked everything out and enjoyed nothing but sunshine, friends, and a slight thunderstorm that couldn’t dampen my parade. I’m so stoked for that magical slice of paradise that makes it difficult for me to leave this wild and wonderful place.

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