Local Magic

“Hey y’all welcome to your living room.”

There is a certain magic that can be found in downtown Thomas. Each person who makes up this community offers their own beauty. As my days are dwindling it seems as though these special moments are only magnified. Recently, one of the newer galleries in town decided the night before that they were going to host an impromptu concert. They built the stage the night before and it was adorn with red velvet like curtains and a string of lights. The floors were covered with ornate rugs and full of mismatched chairs that made you feel as though you’ve stumbled across an incredible thrift store. People started piling into the room for the start of the show,  there were friends and strangers all joining together to support local artists. To listen to music that makes you feel something. As soon as the musicians came on stage the most glorious voices filled the air. The three performers made you feel immediately like you were at home with your nearest and dearest friends. The Thomas native dressed as her typical fairy princess self and poured her heart out making you feel every word. The sister duo had harmonies that had me shaken to the core. Lyrics like “there’s something about a nickname that makes a girl feel good.” How are we so lucky to hear words like that?

Thomas is a town that is full of serendipitous moments such as those. Full of people pulling out all of the stops for an incredible evening. A random Thursday night can become a night where all of the community feels so incredibly close. As my friends and I sat on a leather couch listening to the live music, I felt so blessed to be surrounded by the incredible people in a place I was able to call home for a short amount of time.

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