Entering the Desert

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After my whirlwind tour of Mesa Verde National Park, I started my journey into Utah (my final destination for this trip.) As soon as I drove passed the state sign with the famed orange Arches I couldn’t help but be giddy. This entire road trip has lead up to this state and I can’t believe I am finally here. After regaining my composure and taking about 50 pictures of the sign I head for Natural Bridges National Park. For only a 30 mile drive, the hour and a half it took me to get there allowed me to see some unbelievable sites. I had to stay focussed so I wasn’t stopping off every three seconds to take pictures. Soon my gps had me turn down a road that said, “in three miles pavement ends 5mph only.” Looking at that I started to panic as I usually do, and almost turned around. I wasn’t completely positive whether or not Ethel would make it on that type of road. I am so glad I decided to continue onward because that was quite possibly the coolest “highway” I have ever driven on. Cautiously following an Xterra up the windy dirt path we both stopped off to enjoy the view. I jokingly said to the dad and his kids that I was too nervous to take this road without following anyone. After chatting for a spell we both headed back on this road I would soon learn was called Moki Dugway. I eventually made it through the three mile stretch of sketchiness and got back on a regualr highway that eventually lead me to Natural Bridges National Park. After using my handy dandy parks pass for the first time (it honestly feels so cool) I tried to beat the rain and see all of the bridges that formed naturally in this pace. Each place I drove to I’m pretty sure my mouth was glued to the floor. Each bridge seemed to look completely different from the other. One had a few trees near, the other had a massive waterfall, one was surrounded by massive rocks and so much more. I couldn’t help but be amazed by the beauty the west has to offer. At times it almost doesn’t seem real.

After getting rained out of the park I headed to the metropolis of Blanding, UT. It is about the size of Thomas if not a little bit bigger for gas and a much needed meal that didn’t consist of just granola. Shout out to Pop’s Burrito for being the best cheap burrito of my whole life. I found a place to lay my head for the night near a reservoir and with that my first day in Utah was a success. Though this post is slightly shorter than previous ones, I can’t say it enough- Utah and the west has me doing endless heart eyes. Every day is something completely new and I can’t wait for this chapter of my life. Only being out west for a handful of days I already feel at home.

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