Freedom in Trails

Whether it be a forested, rolling, pine needle covered trail, or slickrock paths in the middle of the desert; I feel most alive after a grueling trail run. I feel freedom. When lacing up my shoes and put on a random podcast, I know after however many miles I do I will find peace at the end. In these times of uncertainty, I mean there is a fucking pandemic raging out there, I know that I will always have the trails. I know I will be able to het outside and run. I will continue to challenge my body to go hard.

I feel freedom and happiness when I am running. It is something that I have trouble explaining to people who think I am a crazy person for finding joy in logging long runs. Trails bring good views and an even better spirit. It brings along a catharsis that can only be found on the trail. I am so grateful to be able to continue to explore these areas of the world.

Here’s to more trail runs to keep my mind and body at peace.

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