Gratitude in 2020

A lot can be said about 2020. It seemed like an eternity. It seemed like it was an unending series of misfortunes. There were times that it felt like nothing could go right. However, instead of dwelling on the negatives this last year brought along, I think it is important to focus on the positive things. Focus on the things that sparked joy. The things that brought magic to a bizarre year. This was a year that made you remember gratitude above all else. Below are the things that brought a bit of magic to my life in 2020:

– I am grateful for the small trips I made throughout this year. They made me remember why I love traveling and exploring new places in my own backyard.

– I am grateful for camping with my community from work.

– I am grateful for tumbleweed fires. I loved the way it would light up right away and warm you in a matter of seconds.

– I am grateful for all of the trail runs that I went on this year and got me out of my house

– I am grateful for all of the challenging climbs that made me want to quit climbing.

– I am grateful for all of the climbs that made me believe in myself again.

– I am grateful for the words I got to write

– I am grateful for the words I got to read

– I am grateful for the people who decorate trees on the side of the highway for Christmas

– I am grateful for a loving partner

– I am grateful for stopping your car to dance under a rainbow to your favorite song

– I am grateful for hard conversations and the growth they provide in your life

– I am grateful for the dogs I meet on trails that are equally excited to meet you.

– I am grateful for playing board games over FaceTime

– I am grateful for the people I met through working in wilderness therapy

– I am grateful for the struggles I went through in 2020. Because of them I came out of the year stronger.

2020 was really hard. Probably one of the hardest of my life. One where at times I felt completely lost and unsure if I could find the light. I know 2021 will be better. One that will bring along its own challenges, but one where I prioritize myself. Here’s to taking charge of my life. Here’s to allowing myself to be vulnerable. Here’s to more adventures. I truly hope everyone has a healthy year. A year of growth, love, and adventure.

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