A Light in the Darkness

As I was in the mountains of Colorado, nestled in a picturesque ski town, I looked up at the mountain which was in a haze of clouds. I got to thinking how much one can learn from the mountains. Even if it is from afar. I realized the power massive peaks can have on one’s mental health.

Seeing the peak of a mountain after dark clouds swarm it, is what I imagine coming out of a spell of depression to be like. One moment it is completely dark, and you are unaware of how you can get out. Unsure if you’ll ever see the light. The next moment, you start to see the light peak through. You begin to realize that this too shall pass. The clouds won’t last forever. The visual of seeing the clouds slowly move brings me hope. Hope that the light I see shining through the darkness I have been feeling will erupt in sunlight someday soon.

Mountains are fucking powerful things. Depression is a fucking powerful thing. It is refreshing to be reminded how much nature can help with finding the light again. I am filled with immense gratitude for being able to be open about my mental health and the realities I have faced recently. I try to portray my life as something that is constant adventure and good vibes, but truth is, that’s the farthest thing from the truth. I am finally becoming okay with this.

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