A Reintroduction

Allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m Natalia. I am 28 years old and I live out of my Subaru Forester and a teardrop trailer that doesn’t quite feel like home. My address is Moab, Utah for the time being since the thought of starting over sounds terrifying. I stopped posting on this platform as often because it essentially felt like a waste. I felt as though my words were going into a void unread by many. My adventures seemed unworthy of documenting, but maybe that was my own perception. My mental health took a toll on me and my thoughts of my own worth. I felt as though my worth was defined by the “cool” adventures I went on, how hard I “send,” the work that I do (which as of late wasn’t fulfilling), and how happy my relationships seem. However, I have realized how foolish these notions are. I am realizing that I am the one in charge of my destiny and self worth. The more I hold back the more miserable I will be. So here’s to a rebirth of the Adventures of a Nomad. It is my hope that I create a space of authenticity. One that talks about the realities of adventuring. One that talks about nature and the benefits it has on one’s mental health.

Over the last year I have lost sight of why I originally started this website. I originally wanted to start writing about my travels and experiences. It has transformed to something so much more. I want my words to mean something to those who read them. I want to be able to create something from nature that inspires me and so many others. So thank you to the people who have stuck around for so long. As for the people who have just showed up, I hope my words can inspire you to recognize your own authenticity, and the power of the wilderness.

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