Sip Me

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During my three and a half months on Maui I had the absolute pleasure of working for two amazingly fierce business women. Sip Me, a coffee shop located in the old upcountry town of Makawao was started by Laura Wentworth and Shannon Murphy offers its customers a truly unique experience. With a primarily organic menu and European standards for their coffees, Laura and Shannon have created a place that you could just as easily stumble upon smack dab in the middle of Paris. The warm atmosphere has provided a place where people can sit, relax, and enjoy amazing products.

The idea of Sip Me was born after the two owners met in a Muay Thai class. Laura knew upon meeting Shannon that she was the woman that would help her start a business. After going through many ideas on what kind of business they wanted to open, (they considered doing a non profit) the women finally settled on a coffee shop. After quickly coming up with a business plan they set their goal in motion with finding the perfect location to set up shop. Due to the fact that they wanted to open a shop with old timey charm they decided to open up in the old cowboy town of Makawao. This charming town feels like you stepped back in time into the old west. Though I never visited this town prior to Sip Me being there I could tell that this coffee shop was definitely needed.

Like many new business owners the two went through ups and downs in beginning the early preparations.  Laura claimed that their key to success is to never give up. Even though people thought they were crazy for opening up a coffee shop even though they haven’t worked in the service industry before; Laura and Shannon kept their eyes on the prize and never gave up. They put their hearts and souls into this shop. From meticulously creating their own loose-leaf teas to hand picking the amazing organic pastries to be made each morning, every aspect of this company is completely thought out. This is why I strongly believe that Sip Me has found so much success in their only six months of being opened. Both women have such a passion bringing their customers the best product possible. Their incredibly high standards for their products and their employees are what keep the customers coming back. They provided a positive atmosphere to work in which I think translated to the customer care.

Though Sip Me has only been opened for a few short months it has seen a success that exceeded most of the expectations set by the owners. It has become a popular spot for visiting tourists and returning locals. Its wonderful products and determination to be the best coffee shop on Maui will help it remain open for years to come.

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