Land of the Leprechauns

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I have always been drawn to the world of faeries and other mystical creatures… I mean as a little kid my favorite book was called “The Land of the Leprechauns” and I was always drawing pictures of little faeries and other creatures. As I got older I let my obsession kind of dwindle… I did not want all of my friends to think I was weird for obsessing over these little creatures and constantly searching for their existence. However, as I was in Maui one of my friends starting talking about her love for the magical beings and mentions a book called Faery Tales which is about a woman and her quest to find the truth about the little creatures around the world. To my surprise the evidence of their existence is incredibly strong in Ireland! I was stoked. Reading about the magic got me so excited to start my journey in Ireland. For my first few month here I have been stuck within the hustle and bustle of the city. I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to be in nature and find any evidence of mystical little creatures. This is why for the time being I had to resort to finding magic within the Leprechaun Museum.

This is a museum that is perfect for the young and old alike. It allows you to let out your inner child. You get to experience the magic of the little creatures through the words of a storyteller. It allowed us to take a glimpse into the myths of the magical little creatures found in Ireland. Each room had a completely different vibe and story to go along with it. From the giant’s house: which housed huge chairs that you could climb on to the faery forrest each room seemed to be better than the last. My personal favorite definitely had to be the faery house. It was a circular room covered in copper. The lights seemed to dance along the walls. Our guide told us stories of how how faeries were troubling little creatures… Always causing trouble to those who wronged them.

Every inch of this museum was full of magic. The stories that were told throughout the museum gave me insight to the history of Ireland other than the depressing bits. We were able to see the fun side of Ireland even if they magical creatures at time could be mischievous, but still remained to be helpful if they wanted. This museum quickly became one of my favorite parts of Dublin. I was smiling the entire way through and had a blast learning all I could about the leprechauns and faeries of Ireland. I felt so incredibly happy leaving the museum and wanted to go on my own quest to find the magic of Ireland through the creatures of Ireland.

Whether you believe in mystical little creatures like this one or not you should definitely give this museum a visit when coming to Dublin. You experience a magic you can’t get anywhere else in Dublin. It is a must!

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