Adventure is Out There

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So when moving to Thomas I strapped up my trusty Trek mountain bike with intentions to commute to work as well as hit some trails. Little did I know the Thomas/Davis area is a HUGE mountain bike hub. Did I mention I did very little research on where I was moving? Anywho… when people saw my bike they would ask if I was a mountain bike, and I would have to sadly hang my head and say no, but eagerly follow it up with, “but I want to.” The people of this town are always willing to teach and ride. A girl who is in AmeriCorps with me is a beginner much like myself so we decided to be one another’s hype ladies when it comes biking. We were both slightly clueless as to what it takes but we were stoked to hit the trails. She had a bit more experience than I, but our first ride was a success. Though to advanced riders this trail probably seems easy to us it was a challenge. Having to dip, dive, and jive around roots and rocks made me feel equal parts exhilarated and intimidated. I could not wait to be back on the trails.

The next big thing was cycling 20 miles through the Blackwater Canyon. It was a fairly easy ride down the mountain, but we then realize we would have to go back up… on a steady incline… for 10 miles. Needless to say it was a struggle, but so rewarding. It was difficult to take in every bit of beauty along the canyon. Everywhere I looked there were trees as far as the eye could see and random waterfalls popping up every so often. I was inspired with each turn. There is nothing more amazing than the feeling of the air going through your skin. Challenging yourself to try something completely out of your comfort zone is the only way to live. I am so excited to explore this amazing place for the next year. I cannot wait to improve my biking, and hey maybe do a more advanced trail someday! Do you all have something that you are too nervous to try whether it be mountain biking, surfing, bouldering, or insane trail running? If so, what’s stopping you from trying!? Get out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve always dreamed of.

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