Seneca Rock

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It was a beautiful Saturday where I was greeted by the sun beating down against my skin. I packed up Ethel my adventure mobile and hit the road for a much needed hike. With my windows rolled down and Edward Sharpe blaring through my speakers I felt more alive than I had in weeks. I weaved in and out of the mountains for miles before I saw Seneca Rocks erupted in front of me. This was a hike that I had been meaning to do for a while, and even though it was super touristy it did not disappoint!

The hike itself takes you winding through the mountain up hill for around a mile. You are surrounded by a gorgeous forest that makes you almost forget you are walking up to the top of a mountain. Then suddenly before you know it everything opens up and you feel like you’re on top of the world. Through all of the people I was still able to find a little corner of solitude with my feet dangling on the edge. I pulled out my notebook and looked down at the people who looked like ants and for a split second I forgot about all of my worries. For a split second life was perfect.

That is the lifestyle I dream of. Being on top of a mountain surrounded by so many humans and yet you can find peace in your solitude. I am thankful for days that I can get away from my tiny town and explore this amazing region. The mountains and the sea always keep me daydreaming, and Seneca Rocks was no different. Here’s to a full year of climbing, hiking, biking, and adventuring.

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